UPDATE: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Viticulture

UPDATE: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Viticulture

An important update on the structure of the viticulture extension program

Dan Lineberger and I have invested a great deal of time during the last several weeks discussing the structure of our viticulture program with Extension administration and with administrative coordinators previously assigned to the program. We have concluded, and Extension administration has agreed, that a simpler organization with oversight by the Associate Head for Extension would be an appropriate management strategy. This is not to say that things have been done wrong in the past, but current budget woes dictate that we move ahead the best we can.  

This means that Ed Hellman will be responsible for all viticulture extension efforts in Regions 1 and 4 of the TWWGA map. He will engage these folks and help them with their pressing needs. By the same token he will continue his state wide work with the Texas grape web site and his Extension Viticulture certificate program.

Jim Kamas will continue his PD work, but also help the growers in the Texas Hill Country, Region 5, with their growing issues. He will develop ongoing viticulture educational programs to disseminate much of the research information he is developing.

Fritz Westover will be a program specialist working for Extension Horticulture in the viticulture arena. He will cover the Gulf Coast and the North Texas area or TWGGA Regions 2 and 3. He will develop his own viticulture program to help the growers in this outlined area though he will continue to work on various statewide issues as well.

Realize we will consider these to be soft lines and that if one’s expertise is required in another part of the state, then we would want that to happen. We will continue to try to respond to requests for direct assistance as best we can, but we will be pursuing ways to help the industry without as many “boots on the ground” as we have had in the past.

We look forward to working with you all to solve your problems as the industry moves forward.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.


Larry Stein

Associate Department Head, Professor and Extension Horticulturist

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